Brand Story

From the name selection to the deep fine details of the font, Beegin has an inspiring story to tell …

You know how highly skilled people get some struggle with their life when they move to a new country/continent where they don’t know anyone? Have you experienced that or do you know someone who has/had this situation?

I arrived to Adelaide with a broad set of skills across multiple industries, not sure how would this fit in the Australian market! Also didn’t have any of my family or close friends who had a similar situation. Even if, none of them is here.

Although that was not my first international move, and I was very excited about the move to Australia; was in love with nature and weather, however, it was a different move in several aspects. When I went to bed on my first night, my mind started to ask a lot of questions; where are your close friends? where are your wide international connections? where is the senior position you had? Where is the big team you used to lead? … I left everything behind, thousands of miles away. I truly felt I am starting everything over from scratch!

I started building new personal relationships so I can get the power, besides the family’s oversees emotional support, so slowly I built some local business connections in the Australian ecosystem and I felt that my experience in addition to my international exposure would definitely add value to my new home. At this point, I thought about starting my company and looked for a name to demonstrate starting a new life.

Beegin was founded from the verb “begin”; encouraging me to begin my business, encouraging existing businesses to begin scaling or to begin exporting or to begin enhancing their processes. An “e” was added to the verb to show the amount of required effort (like a bee) to begin the activity. 

There is still a lot more about the branding and the “b” shape, that I would love to tell you about. But you know what, let us start our first meeting with that!


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